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AUG 17-18, 2024 • Dulles Expo Center
AUG 17-18, 2024 •  Dulles Expo Center
SAT 11AM - 11:45 AMJust Because We Went to the Moon, Doesn't Mean It's EasyWithout the use of any modern computing equipment, NASA put several men on the moon and returned them home safely. Several times. But that doesn't mean it's easy. In fact, it might even be harder now! Come learn why!Adeena Mignogna
SAT 12PM - 12:45 PMRobert Venditti Q&AJoin us for an engaging Q&A session with acclaimed author Robert Venditti, as he offers insights into his creative process, the worlds of comics and graphic novels he's brought to life, and his inspirations that have shaped his storytelling. Don't miss this opportunity to delve into the mind behind some of your favorite literary adventures.Cannon Doll X
SAT 1PM - 1:45 PMPaul Rugg Does Voices!Have you ever wanted to come up with your own character and have a voice actor voice it? Well, now you can! Join us for a riviting panel with Paul Rugg, the voice of Freakazoid and much more! We will have the amazing host and artist Mark Mariano ask you to create a character and he will then draw it and the talented voice actor Paul Rugg will bring it to life!Mark Mariano
SAT 2PM - 2:45 PMMark McKenna Q&ADive into the world of comics with Mark McKenna in this exclusive Q&A session! Join us as we sit down with the prolific artist and writer to discuss his expansive career, from his early days at Marvel and DC to his current and upcoming projects. Get insights into his artistic process, learn about the industry's evolution, and discover the stories behind some of your favorite characters. Whether you're an aspiring artist or a seasoned fan, this is your chance to hear from a true comic book icon.Cannon Doll X
SAT 3PM - 3:45 PMJohn Morton and Dickey Beer Q&AUnveil the secrets of a galaxy far, far away with John Morton and Dickey Beer in an electrifying Q&A session! Join us as these Star Wars legends share their experiences portraying iconic characters like Boba Fett and Dak. From behind-the-scenes stories to on-set anecdotes, get a glimpse into the making of some of the most memorable moments in cinematic history. Whether you're a dedicated Star Wars aficionado or simply a fan of legendary tales, this is a chance to hear firsthand accounts from the actors who brought these characters to life.Cannon Doll X
SAT 4PM - 5PMVanessa Marshall Q&AEmbark on a thrilling journey through animation and fandom with Vanessa Marshall in an exclusive Q&A session! Join us as the talented voice actress behind beloved characters like Hera Syndulla from Star Wars Rebels and Wonder Woman in various DC projects discusses her experiences in the industry. From voicing iconic heroes to the nuances of voice acting, gain insights into Vanessa's diverse roles and the impact of her work. Whether you're an aspiring voice actor, a fan of animation, or just curious about the world of voiceover, this is an opportunity to learn from a true master of her craft.Cannon Doll X
SUN 12PM - 12:45 PMTugboat Q&ADive into the world of professional wrestling with an exhilarating Q&A session featuring Tugboat! Join us as the legendary wrestler takes center stage to share stories from his storied career, both inside and outside the ring. From his time in the WWE to his memorable encounters with fellow superstars, get ready for an engaging session filled with larger-than-life tales, personal insights, and a chance to ask your burning questions. Whether you're a die-hard wrestling fan or just curious about the world of sports entertainment, this is your moment to connect with a true wrestling iconCannon Doll X
SUN 1PM - 1:45 PMJustice League Cast Q&AUnite with the superheroes themselves in an epic Justice League Cast Q&A session! Join us for an unforgettable panel featuring the stars behind the iconic characters. Get ready to hear firsthand stories, on-set adventures, and insights into bringing these beloved heroes to life on the big screen. From behind-the-scenes anecdotes to discussions about the characters' enduring legacy, this is your opportunity to connect with the actors who embody the spirit of justice and heroism. Whether you're a dedicated fan of the DC universe or simply love action-packed stories, don't miss this chance to engage with the Justice League cast like never beforeCannon Doll X
SUN 2PM - 3PMCosplay Contest JudgingStep into a world of creativity and imagination as we gather for the Cosplay Contest Judging event! Our panel of expert judges, comprised of seasoned cosplayers and industry professionals, will evaluate the incredible craftsmanship, attention to detail, and sheer passion that cosplayers bring to their costumes. Witness the stunning transformations as participants embody characters from across pop culture. From intricate designs to awe-inspiring makeup, this contest celebrates the art of bringing fictional characters to life. Whether you're a fellow cosplayer, an admirer of craftsmanship, or simply excited by the spectacle, join us for an unforgettable showcase of talent and dedication.Cannon Doll X
SUN 3:30PM - 4PMCosplay Contest Winners AnnouncedThe moment you've all been waiting for has arrived! Join us for the grand unveiling as we announce the winners of the Cosplay Contest. After careful deliberation by our panel of expert judges, we'll showcase the outstanding cosplayers who have impressed us with their creativity, skill, and dedication. From breathtaking replicas of iconic characters to imaginative mashups and original designs, this is your chance to see the best of the best in the cosplay community. Whether you're a fellow cosplayer, an enthusiast, or just excited to see incredible costumes, be part of this celebratory moment as we honor the passion and artistry that make cosplay truly extraordinary.Cannon Doll X